UX & UI - yourEko

Efficiency and Cost over time model implemented on the whirlpool website.

Design for KitchenAid

Print design for magazine advert.

UX & UI Delivery portal redesign

Using heatmap and click tracking I identified where the Hotpoint Delivery Portal needed improving. This was then AB tested.

Design for Hotpoint

Print design for magazine advert.

UI design for Dixons

This is a page I designed for the Dixons website for the perposes of upsell.

Design for Hotpoint & Jamie Oliver

Print design for magazine advert.

Flix Media wireframe layout

Wireframe created for a consistant layout on Flix media which populates content to vendor sites.

Hotpoint Fresh Thinking recipe book

Recipe book to promote the Fresh Thinking campaign.

Digital toolkits for Hotpoint

This is a toolkit that I created for retailers to activate campaigns.

Hotpoint Emails

Delivery email flow and UI redesign, with HTML build.

Internal Whirlpool plasticless campaign

Illustration for internal Whirlpool plasticless campaign.

Infographic for National Quiet Day

Infographic illustration, used on and offline.

Website Design and build

Website design and build on a CMS for building company

National Quiet Day website design and build

National Quiet Day website design and build, with AB testing and full heatmap and click tracking.

Heatmaps and Click Tracking

I've implemented Hotjar on all company sites which enabled me to track and improve user journeys.